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Medical Study of Hetalian Nations
Nations only please. States, provinces, regions, prefectures, micronations, or others not full fledged Nations need not apply.
I am conducting a survey of various Nations in order to gather data on health issues commonly faced by these unique beings. While they may appear physically similar to humans, Nations have a vastly different biology that causes them to respond to various natural, political, and economic stimuli. The purpose of this survey is to determine what, if any, pattern there might be between certain nation ailments and the symptomatology that manifests as a result. Please fill out the following questions with as much detail as possible.
Survey Questions
1) What is your name? What nation do you personify?
2) Do you suffer from any natural ev
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WIP-- A stage (minor help wanted, see description) :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 5 3 Romano's Excerpts: New cover :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 8 4 Pokemon Qwilfish MMD Download :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 8 1 Qwilfish model demo :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 0 0 You Got the Spiritual Stones! :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 49 19 ~Chinese Collectable~ :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 14 4 Goddess Erde: Child form WIP--HELP WANTED :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 8 7 Upgraded Erde: Sesonal variations :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 9 11 Tai Chi with China :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 8 4
Germany Bros' dilemma: Summary 1 (chp 1-4)
Chapter 1 (Borrowed Time) :
Main Points:
The IDHQ is located on a large chunk of land that sits between the fabric of spacetime, and saturated with magikal energies. Because of its unique location, mysterious wormholes to and from other worlds will sometimes open up. These "feral" portals are unstable, and will frequently catch denizens of other dimensions off-guard. Many have suddenly found themselves displaced from their home, but all are welcome to seek shelter at the large building known as the IDHQ. Ludwig Beilschmidt, the nation known as Germany, has come to reside at the IDHQ. He lives alongside his brother and several other nations, humans from a world where personifications don't exist, and intelligent anthropomorphic animals from a world known as 'Mobius.'
Our story begins with what seems like another average day at the IDHQ, although Ludwig seems to be feeling a bit under the weather. It's not exactly due to politics or the economy. No, this i
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Theory on the Birth and Death of Hetalian Nations
Wall of Text Warning: If you're the sort of person who's just going to go "TL;DR" you may close this tab now, because I didn't spend almost 4 hours typing this up just to see a bunch of people put "TL;DR" on it. :)
This is just a general rambling of thoughts and headcanons put together by myself and my friends regarding how the personifications of nations are born. First I'll start with a list of known canon facts that provide some sort of foundation to work from. Then will come the theories, including summaries of how it works or why (in my head at least). A * by a word/the end of a sentence indicates I have an additional note of info or explanation added at the very bottom.
Known (canon) Facts:
:bulletgreen:Nations are somehow connected to the land they represent, as well as the human population that lives there. If something harms the land or makes the people suffer, the personification is affected as well. Examples include Japan getting sick wh
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Happy (early) Birthday to my good friend :iconamenrenet:Amenrenet 11 0

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I go into walmart to get my weekly groceries and what do I see?


WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE!? We haven't even had Halloween yet and you're already pushing the holiday that's 3 months away!? I can actually remember when stores and companies didn't start talking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Dear god I feel old just typing that. :iconfaceeverythingplz:
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Sometimes I do art, sometimes I don't. My interests are complex and varied. I like reading, RPing, Sonic, and YGO. Atem is sexy, Yugi's an adorable Shota, and Shadow is my favorite hedgehog. Don't give me grief over what I like, and I won't give you grief over what you like. Oh and calculus homework can go die in a fire.

Stamp: I'll Be There by Amenrenet


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